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May 25th, 2023

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Blue Bloods, November 16, 2018

Watching reruns is soothing. Top of my list is the original Law and Order with Jerry Orbach and I’ve had a decades long crush on Sam Waterston. I once saw him on the train I took upstate every Friday after work. He could take a limo home but prefers public transportation. Nobody bothers him. I am the worst celebrity identifier, but I also saw other favorites on that train—Christine Baranski and Robert Clohessy who plays Lt. Sid Gormley on Blue Bloods.

I look for old Blue Bloods episodes because I was late to the game and missed the early ones. I find comfort in watching Seinfeld, Law and Order SVU and if I’m in the mood, Friends.

If I could find these series–The Odd CoupleAs Time Goes By with Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer and the original All Creatures Great and Small–I’d like to see episodes again. I do love the current version of All Creatures. Kudos to that production company.

Which reruns do–and would–you watch?

Law and Order SVU

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23 Responses to “Service of Reruns”

  1. Martha Takayama Said:

    I am addicted to “Law and Order” reruuns and adore Jerry Orbach
    , Sam waterston, Richard Belzer, Marissa Hargitay and others. I would be very happy watching many PBS series, especially “Granchester”, “The Indian Doctor”, “The Jewel in the Crown” and many others! Although it isn’t a series, I never tire of watching “Casablanca”!

  2. Helen Said:

    I’ve seen every rerun of ER a million times and anything with the Avengers. Georgie my parrot and I love the Avengers. I even cried real tears when Iron Man died. I even have a portrait of Georgie dressed as Captain America. Website is Crown and Paw!!!

  3. BC Said:

    Do reruns all the time on TCM. Adore the oldies!

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I also adore Grantchester, The Indian Doctor and The Jewel in the Crown. How could I forget them? And Casablanca….oh my.

  5. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I used to watch medical shows but now that I’m older, not so much.

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    If there’s a commercial [or nothing I’m interested to see] I check out what’s on TCM. Some of the oldies like Roman Holiday get me every time no matter how often I’ve devoured them. Most often I don’t return to what I was watching before the commercial.

  7. EAM Said:

    EAM on Facebook: Six Feet Under, A Million Little Things, Homeland…

  8. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I need to catch these. I missed them the first time around!

  9. TC Said:


  10. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Sam is a successful actor and a no-frills kind of guy. A few years ago I happened upon an interview with a bratty talk show host who commented that Sam had come to opening night to watch a daughter in a show and he left shortly after it was over to catch the train home, missing much of a party afterwards. The bratty person sniffed she couldn’t understand why he didn’t take a limo home to Connecticut–he could certainly afford it, she said. She clearly didn’t get it.

  11. Nancie Steinberg Said:

    Nancie on Facebook: MASH, Seinfeld, Modern Family, Carol Burnett show

  12. Loretta Adams Said:

    Loretta on Facebook: We have the same taste in old TV shows. Odd Couple was a real favorite. One day I came home from work and Armand Assante who had been on Law & Order SVU was sitting in my family room having a drink with Tom. They met at an event snd became fast friends and by stopped by for a visit.

  13. Debbie Kunen Said:

    Debbie on Facebook: Mash

  14. Jeanne Byington Said:

    Nancie and Debbie: I forgot MASH and I should not have! Certain Modern Family episodes still crack me up.

  15. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I am terrible at names and looked up Armand Assante and immediately recognized him. What a thrill to come home to his first and subsequent visits! I will think of you when I see him from now on.

  16. Nancie Steinberg Said:

    Nancie on Facebook: They put me in a good mood before I go to sleep.

  17. Jeanne Byington Said:

    Nancie: The whole family was in Hawaii hanging out at the hotel pool and Jay Pritchett pushed someone he thought was his stepson Manny in the pool. Turned out to be another guest–total stranger. I’m laughing as I write this.

  18. Debbie Kunen Said:

    Debbie on Facebook: I love Jack Klugman. He was great in Quincy.

  19. Jeanne Byington Said:

    Debbie: And 12 Angry Men and Goodbye Columbus.

  20. Lucrezia Said:

    I dislike reruns unless it’s an exceptional performance, favorite composer, or performance. I have seen Disney; Fantasia and Les Vacances de M Hulot at least four times each, and would gladly visit Cage Aux Folles again, having laughed myself sick during the film.

    It’s true that Waterson of “Law & Order” has/had exceptionally good looks, but the effect withers the second he opens/opened his mouth!

  21. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I also loved Cage aux Folles and in addition to the movie that I’ve seen countless times I saw it from the nosebleeds on Broadway.

    Sam Waterston’s voice doesn’t bother me.

    I just remembered that years ago I saw the Law and Order crew outside of 99 Park Avenue [the number may be wrong–it’s on the East side of Park and 40th Street] where they were filming. Always fun.

  22. Kathleen Said:

    Since I never had seen Hogan’s Heroes when it ran originally, I find this experience now takes away the world’s troubles. The coffee pot had been bugged from Klink into Hogan’s room and it is the same my parents used. And found out that Klink was Werner Klemperer, whose father was the outstanding conductor, Otto Klemperer. And the last of the cast recently died LeBeau, Clary (Richard?). Enjoyed their wild tricks!

  23. Jeanne Byington Said:


    What fun! I should give it a whirl. I missed it the first time too.

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