Service of Memberships Chiseling Customers or Supporters

October 2nd, 2023

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Many things include a membership these days from clubs and associations to charities and services. What irritates me is when I’m told the membership will expire far too early, followed by an attempt to alarm: “so hurry and renew!”

This recently happened with the company at which I register my domain, I’d paid for three years and had marked my calendar for mid-October to remind me to pay to continue the service. Mid-September they sent a frantic reminder.

I support a public television station and a similar thing happened only they were two months ahead of themselves. While I did respond to the domain reminder as I can’t afford a slipup there, I’ll wait for PBS.

Not that I want to let my PBS membership lapse. I’m watching a wonderful series on Passport—a benefit of membership– “La Otra Mirada.” Passport is also invaluable if you follow a series on TV and are out the night it airs. [I have no way to record programs.]

Clipping off a month or two for a membership or service is a little like reducing the weight of the contents while keeping the package size the same. I first noticed this trick decades ago with tins of coffee. It has become a habit with some manufacturers.

What kind of organizations or businesses send you early renewal notices?

8 Responses to “Service of Memberships Chiseling Customers or Supporters”

  1. ASK Said:

    The pestiest organization in my experience has been the Smithsonian…I am bombarded with reminders to renew membership or resubscribe to the magazine. It’s gotten to the point where I wonder if they would have far more money in their coffers if they saved on printing and postage by not sending so much mail. And much of my mail is soliciting money for any number of causes.

  2. Linda Levi Said:

    Linda on Facebook: AARP & every magazine subscription under the sun!

  3. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Magazines! Yes. AARP asks me repeatedly for months after I’ve sent them $. I fill the self addressed envelope with a note with that update until the requests stop coming.

  4. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I have precisely the same feeling about most of the mailings I receive–SAVE YOUR $$$.

  5. EAM Said:

    EAM on Facebook:TV guide always sends it 6 mos early and I lose track of expiration.

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Ah ha!! That may very well be their intention!

  7. Lucrezia Said:

    I don’t pay much attention to memberships but expect the appropriate expiration date to appear on the card. I pay yearly and ignore “hurry up” schemes. A donor has the privilege of giving on his/her schedule — not on that of others!

  8. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I suddenly remembered something. Dad loved helping people who’d go from office to office selling things of little worth to make a few dollars. He had a drawer full of watches that didn’t work–he knew that but hated to turn away the salesman. And he had years and years of subscriptions to a now defunct magazine called CUE which featured movie and theater listings. He wasn’t interested in any of the others on the man’s list so he’d pile up points and never had to worry about renewals!

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