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November 30th, 2023

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In spite of it being one of those days, I nevertheless came home happy.

I made the trek to a favorite discount store to buy puffy large envelopes great for mailing gifts and they didn’t have any. They also didn’t have foil pie plates. [I have another source.] It happens.

It was cold outside so after walking through Bryant Park’s Christmas Market where I found no Christmas gifts, I dropped into the Stavros Niarchos branch of the New York Public Library to warm up. I discovered that it now boasts an Amy’s Bread watering hole. But over each poster—and in the elevator–was a sign noting that Amy’s closed at 3 PM. It was 3:30.

A security guard assured me that they were open on the 7th floor. They were, but they’d run out of chai, so I left after a conversation with the cashier who explained that they aren’t allowed to touch the incorrect early closing signs. Only someone from the library can do that. “Bureaucracy,” he shrugged.

My day was nothing like that of a man I noticed across Third Avenue on his hands and knees in front of a drain. My bet is that he was trying to retrieve something—maybe a phone or housekeys. By the time I got near he had already gotten up and walked away holding a long stick. I wondered if he’d put chewing gum at the tip of his stick.

He really had one of those days. I’d had a nice walk on a chilly, crisp almost winter’s day returning home to an intact to do list.

Have you been out and about recently where you didn’t reduce your to do list but felt cheerful nevertheless?

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