Service of Guardian Angels

February 8th, 2024

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The tiny framed picture was one of the surprises among the letters the guardian angels sent me last week.

A dear friend was admitted to a memory ward last year. His only relatives are distant cousins, one who lives 1,800 miles away and the other in his town. In addition to rescuing him and finding a place where he’ll be well cared for and safe, they emptied his house and sold it, an exhausting, miserable chore.

I never met them, but we’ve been in touch. My friend seems to recognize the local cousin though probably doesn’t grasp their connection, he wrote. My friend no longer knows how to open an envelope.

These guardian angels did something over and above. They’d set aside and sent me a stack of cards and letters my husband and I had mailed my friend over years—even a fax–and included two surprises. One was a box of chocolate from their town’s oldest chocolatier founded in 1902. Why the chocolates? They’d delivered a box to my friend from me from Li-Lac. The store had celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. Li-Lac was his favorite when he lived in NYC. The other surprise was a tiny image of an angel in a frame purchased at a craft fair that we’d sent him for Christmas, 2018. [It’s the smallest of all the pictures in the photo above.] He’d noted this on the back.

I’m overwhelmed. The cousins work, by the way. Can you imagine having to sort through all the things a person accumulates in a lifetime and taking the time, trouble and expense to segregate a pile of things for a stranger? Can you share examples of extraordinarily caring gestures such as this?


3 Responses to “Service of Guardian Angels”

  1. Lucrezia Said:

    The concept of “Guardian Angel” is an uplifting one, but the problem is there’s no proof of their existence. On occasion inexplicably good things happen, but I’ve yet to disprove human complicity.

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Just as there are stand-in Santa Clauses, whether or not you believe in him, these cousins were stand-in angels watching out for their severely ill helpless distant relative. And their kindness splashed on me. Call it what you will. With more people like them we’d live in a very different world.

  3. BC Said:

    Very sweet and touching effort!

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