Service of Spring Cleaning Whether You Like it Or Not

June 3rd, 2024

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‘Tis the season where list makers are in their glory. Each chore seems to create tributaries of additional ones. I suspect most on my lists are only applicable to people who live in small to modest sized apartments.

On mine there’s the dreaded biannual wardrobe change from winter to summer. Out of the closets go my winter clothes headed to the mule chest that held my summer things. This involves extra laundry, most of which is by hand for sweaters, down vests etc.

The closet project sets off a trip to Goodwill Industries–I never give away enough–and to the dry cleaner. [Mine is near my former office, a hike if you’re lugging stuff.] The clothes headed there has diminished dramatically but the bill hasn’t.

In preparation for the building’s yearly check/change of air conditioner filters I move as many plants as I can to their summer home on the balcony. That also causes subsequent tasks such as repotting or propagating. So that the wind doesn’t keep slamming them down, I cut off the tops of my tall plants. My potting shed is my kitchen sink.

The night before the building staff arrives, I move the rest of the remaining indoor plants and furniture around the windows elsewhere so the handymen can get to the units hidden behind the AC cabinets. Back it all goes once they leave.

A switch out of cotton duvet covers creates a giant ironing opportunity. While I was at it this year I found new places to squirrel away last year’s business and personal tax files/backup.

And then there are the things I won’t mention because I’ve neglected to do them year after year.

Do you have a spring-cleaning routine you must follow whether or not you’re in the mood?


11 Responses to “Service of Spring Cleaning Whether You Like it Or Not”

  1. Linda Levi Said:

    Linda on Facebook: One good side effect of beginning of covid was shrinking my wardrobe by cleaning out closets and drawers so what’s left fits in one closet and one chest of drawers. So there’s no need to switch seasonal clothing! As for bedding, I just eliminate one layer. Easy peasy!

  2. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I am not nearly there yet. In many ways I’ve not recovered from moving a house and larger apartment as well as, during the pandemic, an office to one modest space. I expect to be realistic about what I’ve kept in all regards, but it hasn’t reached my wardrobe [or many other areas] yet.

  3. ASK Said:

    Retired for several years, I’m still getting rid of clothes largely worn to work as well as going through a closet floor full of shoes that have heights that I no longer find easy to wear…not that they ever were. Sweaters remain a weakness, and a problem, because many are strictly seasonal. And my late husband’s photos of vacation travels still take up too much space because it’s difficult to throw them out. Many places I don’t even recognize any more! Collections of decorating books and paperbacks from the golden age of British mystery writers is seemingly endless.

    Changing bed linens for the summer is the least of it! As for spring cleaning, I call someone. It is an indulgence, I know…

  4. B.C. Said:

    Closets in guest bed rooms make seasonal changes easy. 90% of clothes do not need the dry cleaners. We give many hand me downs to staff.

  5. Jeanne Byington Said:


    There are so many things I can’t face giving away. I won’t let myself remember all the things I already have. No excuse. I’m the only one to suffer.

    I am not sure how a professional cleaning service would navigate this place though it is tempting to consider a visit. I had a cleaning person for decades. Spoiler alert, as in spoiled person: I never realized how dusty Manhattan is!!

  6. Jeanne Byington Said:


    Extra closets are a blessing that’s for sure!

  7. Erica Martell Said:

    I always try to do a spring cleaning including windows. I did successfully put away my winter duvet and also pull out my spring spread. I’ve been putting off my closet for months but a time will come to revamp it and donate!

  8. Jeanne Byington Said:


    I also washed the window and door off my balcony. I can’t wash the others.

  9. Lucrezia Said:

    No lists, no agenda — Bah! Humbug! Eventually the clutter will meet the garbage can!

  10. Deb Wright Said:

    Great subject as it focuses on our attitudes towards getting ready for a season of renewal. I try to budget for three things every spring. They are getting the windows washed, the carpeting and area rug professionally cleaned by Stanley Steemer, and washing and hanging curtains. All these things are done. However, I also move large plants outside and become obsessed with my garden! I go through my clothes, decide that I don’t have the mindset or budget to renew my summer wardrobe, and I vow each year to go through “junk drawers” in the kitchen and living room. No progress so far on the junk drawers!

  11. Jeanne Byington Said:


    My carpets are in dire need of professional cleaning but as some are antique and others fragile, I can’t invite Stanley and his cleaners in but must budget $thousands to have them picked up by a specialist and cleaned however oriental rugs are safely cleaned. Stan and his gang can’t reach enough of the rug in my bedroom to make a trip worthwhile. Pass me my vacuum cleaner please.

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