The Importance of Earnest Service


Service enhances or dashes the best plans and products. I’ve forever been fascinated by how some companies get it so right and others do not and have long delighted in being a self-appointed mystery shopper and customer critic to the world.


Service is what we offer at J M Byington & Associates. With fluid and clear communications a company usually ends up just fine. Poor communications results, among other things, in bad service.


This blog will celebrate instances of fabulous service as well as divulge examples of horrendous slights from retail and manufacturing, medical, travel, food and other service industries as well as professions—education, legal—you name it.


It will address, illustrate and/or discuss topics as far afield as whether service personalities are born not developed, how to make customers and clients appreciate that you’re over-servicing them while not driving your company into bankruptcy, the best ways to get people to serve you, how to say no—and so much more.


And what about the title—an obvious play on the title of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” first seen in 1895 in London at the St. James’s Theatre? The word earnest is key to this blog, not the themes in Wilde’s social comedy. Although service can be very funny in a sitcom or play, it’s really serious business because profits increase or suffer as a result.


The Importance of Earnest Service is not a platform to trash and bash brands. In fact, to ensure this, when we have negative experiences to share, we won’t give the name of the company or brand and we ask that in your comments you honor this guideline. On the other hand, when there’s praiseworthy service we will happily give full credit and applaud and learn.