RSVP on Steroids



 Have you noticed how quickly people from certain organizations get back with you? Had any reason to contact the National Association of Home Builders, [NAHB] lately? I have-and am bowled over at how quickly two people from totally different parts of the association got back with me immediately, answered my questions and sent the document attachments I needed faster than my Outlook Express time delay could bring them to me.

In another instance, I contacted a banker with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I had neither met nor spoken with, though we quoted him in a press release a client sent in collaboration with his bank-the quote came from his PR department. And yet when I asked him if a friend from a just-collapsed financial company might contact him, he not only responded immediately, he said my friend could call him on his cell phone during his upcoming week-long business trip.

 Any wonder why these model organizations are both well regarded and solid?