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Service of Respecting Other People’s Time II

Thursday, July 11th, 2024

Businesses are cavalier about their customers’ time. Following are some recent examples of others disregarding my friends’ or my time.

Both these women have fulltime, stressful jobs with few moments to spare between their work and family obligations.

**A friend, whose mother is recuperating in a rehabilitation hospital, left multiple phone messages and a note on the desk of the woman who coordinates transport from the hospital to a patient’s doctor’s appointment. The person never got back to her after three days. Her mother doesn’t speak English. The result: Time lost and anxiety.

**Another friend, with a stellar credit rating, had to call an airline five times to take advantage of a special deal involving opening up a credit card with them and, in addition to receive a $250 sign up bonus. She was simultaneously making plane reservations for two. At first, she was declined for the card, for no reason, and then there was an issue with receiving the bonus. It worked out but my goodness! Time lost and anxiety.

On a recent post I mentioned a lost order of Bounty paper towels. I was promised an immediate replacement. Week after week I followed up. After the third time I tired of being told, “soon,” and I let the partner website know about the holdup. Delivery came a few days later. I shouldn’t have had to follow up so often.

Be sure to bring something to read when you have an appointment at one of my doctors. The shortest wait is 45 minutes in spite of frequent text and email reminders. Maybe patients should launch a similar service reminding doctors of their appointments.

I am finishing this post listening to opera on the Apple customer service phone number. Guess what I learned? That while some electrical outlets in Italy have three prongs, in its World Travel Adapter Kit, Apple only sells the traditional two-pronged version for Europe. The helpful customer service specialist looked to see if the company’s Rome branch sold the three-pronged varieties. They don’t. I didn’t feel I wasted my time waiting for the information in the end because I felt I knew the score, the music was fine, and I could work as I waited.

Is time no longer valuable—or is only someone else’s time disrespected? Isn’t time what most people sell, whether a taxi driver or accountant, doctor, babysitter, lawyer or PR person–to name a few examples.

Service of Handy Tips

Monday, August 29th, 2022

I suspect everyone has received frequent lists of tips forwarded by friends via email or has seen them on social media.

Here are a few of mine:

  • Ask the cashier at Target for the Walmart price. Here’s an example of an indulgence–ice cream that costs $10.99 a pint at a local grocery store–costs $7-something at Target. The Walmart price–the one I’ve paid–has ranged from $4-something to $6 and change, depending on the day.
  • Baking soda and white vinegar cleans residue off my coffee pot, the once white inside of often-used ceramic teacups as well as glassware with a clinging shadow of red wine.
  • This one addresses a longtime pet peeve–when someone asks me to call them back in X minutes when they are postponing a scheduled call. Can’t they call me? I used to waste that time concerned that I’d get involved in another call or project and miss the new appointment. The timer on my phone comes to the rescue. I can forget the call until I hear the buzz. This helps remind me of all sorts of things.
  • When making piecrust the quality of butter makes a huge difference. Use a well known brand and pay more if you must otherwise the dough is unmanageable. It’s also worth the money to buy Bounty paper towels: You’ll use many cheap ones to pick up a mess vs. one sheet of Bounty,
  • If you want to know what’s going on in the world of retail, you’ll enjoy a chuckle as well as well-researched, honest reporting at WarrensReport. Warren Shoulberg writes it. As he put it, he “knows home furnishings retailing. As a career business journalist, he has covered the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry, focusing on the home furnishings segment but also reporting on the broader business of retailing and wholesale distribution.”

What are some of your favorite handy tips?

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