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Service of If I Was In Their Shoes

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

After all the fires, floods and hurricanes in the news it’s hard not to think “what would I do?” if faced with an evacuation order.

I still can’t wipe from my memory the victim of hurricane Sandy–its 10th anniversary upcoming–who ignored such an order because he had lived in his 9 foot high bungalow adjoining a Staten Island, N.Y. beach since he was little and no storm had harmed him. He drowned because the unprecedented surge filled the bungalow with water to the ceiling.

When asked to evacuate some people don’t have the energy or physical ability or place to go or the money to move or they have pets that won’t be allowed in an evacuation center. In Florida 2,300 have been rescued so far with more to save.

And what about the others who won’t budge and have no excuse? They are the ones first responders rescue at risk of their own lives. Tragically some become victims of nature’s ferocity.

It’s easy for me to guess from the protection of the four walls of my apartment what I’d do but I think I’d clear out when ordered from a house so I could take a few precious belongings with me. Those wading through waist-deep water to escape homes flooded by Ian’s wrath are all empty handed.

Remember the scene in “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge” where the couple continues to eat dinner alone, upstairs, at their Kansas City country club during a tornado? I’d be in the basement with the rest of the members who were there that night along with waitstaff.

Would you evacuate when asked or stick out/hunker down in a fire, flood, tornado or hurricane? When Sandy hit people in the building in which I now live–and all those south of 40th Street–they were without electricity for more than a week. It’s something for me to think about.

Image by Didier from Pixabay
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